GDPR Online Training

To ensure individuals who access and use access personal data are working in accordance with data protection laws, we offer data protection online training programmes that are created based on your training needs and for individuals of all levels. Our GDPR compliance online training courses and GDPR webinars are designed to:

  • Enhance awareness regarding the GDPR and its requirements, teaching employees how to tackle these requirements and comply with them
  • Cover a range of data protection principles to show how easy it can be to breach the boundaries on confidentiality
  • Teach individuals about the principles, roles, responsibilities and processes under the GDPR
  • Make data protection enjoyable with bespoke training programmes for each of our clients

Benefits of data protection online training

GDPR training for employees through eLearning can ensure that you have compliance across your entire organisation. Some benefits of eLearning courses include:

  • It is a great way to reach a wide group of people across large organisations or geographical locations ensuring that everyone receives the same information
  • eLearning platforms can also be used to track the completion of training, to test knowledge and send automatic reminders to staff that have no completed the training

The best eLearning packages are tailored to your organisation and to the audience in order for the training to be as relevant and easy to use as possible. Please click the button below to visit our eLearning platform or to explore our full range of data protection training.