DPO Services

We offer a range of DPO services, either acting as your external data protection officer or providing support and additional resource for internal DPOs and those responsible for data protection compliance, helping them balance the tasks they are required to perform under the GDPR.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), states that certain organisations are obliged to employ a DPO and sets out the necessary criteria for the role including that the DPO should be an expert in data protection law and has appropriate for the role. Organisations are increasingly facing difficulties in finding individuals to meet the required criteria and are turning to data protection outsourcing as an alternative.

At HelloDPO, we understand the challenges faced by organisations and offer remote DPOs as a service. By opting for an external DPO, your organisation will gain access to an experienced and qualified DPO team with a dedicated point of contact as well as support and advice tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Benefits of data protection outsourcing

  • Reducing the cost of hiring a full-time DPO; and
  • Having the confidence that you will have a fully capable DPO, able to fill the role of an experienced DPO.

DPO as a service

We offer support in the following areas: 

  • Creating and reviewing data protection compliance programmes; 
  • Managing data subjects rights request and responses;
  • Providing breach notification advice including assisting with communications to regulators and data subjects;
  • Reviewing the output of data protection impact assessments and advising on proposed privacy risk and solutions;
  • Advising and assisting with ICO and other regulatory investigations;
  • Reviewing the output of internal data protection audits, privacy risks and mitigating controls; and
  • Preparing quarterly data protection board reports and other associated documentation.

HelloDPO data protection officer mentoring services

In addition to providing outsourced DPO services we also offer DPO support and mentoring services including:

  • DPO mentoring for those new to the role or who need some additional support;
  • Assistance with GDPR audits;
  • Assistance with data breach management;
  • DPO training;
  • A dedicated data protection legal advice helpline for when those tricky questions arise; and
  • Advice for the DPO on data protection risk management to assist with reporting.

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