Data Protection Training

Having data protection policies is a great starting point, however, it is important to ensure that awareness of data protection is live within your organisation. We offer our clients bespoke data protection training to help raise awareness and make data protection fun! 

Within an organisation, everyone who is responsible for using data must follow the principles set out in the GDPR. At HelloDPO, we cannot stress enough the importance of GDPR training to ensure that your personal data is:

  • Used lawfully and fairly
  • Used for specified purposes
  • Kept for no longer than fully necessary
  • Handled in accordance with an individual’s data protection rights
  • Kept safe and secure, especially when transferred outside of the European Economic Area

The easiest way to help raise awareness of data protection is to make learning interesting. Whilst some would say this is a hard thing to do, we love a challenge. We have extensive experience providing data protection courses and workshops for organisations of all sizes in all sectors and we can also create and draft the content of online data privacy training programmes based on your training needs.