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GDPR Audit Services

It is important to ensure that your organisation is always able to demonstrate compliance with data protection legislation. We offer tailored GDPR compliance audit packages to suit your organisation’s needs.

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GDPR Audit
Data Protection Audit

We tailor the level of audit required for your organisation, from short audits into an area of concern, to full compliance audits of your organisation’s processing activities.

Our GDPR compliance audits are carried out face to face or virtually involving people who are key to the processing activity and we provide a detailed report with actionable remediation steps.


  • Identification of areas of non-compliance or requiring improvement to help you comply with data protection legislation.
  • Helps your organisation to prioritise remediation action and establish a calendar of activity to meet your compliance needs.

Support we offer

Our data protection compliance audits will assess your privacy management and data protection implementation in the following manner:

  • Undertaking short form data protection audits on particular areas of concern;
  • Creating template audit forms to monitor compliance with data protection legislation;
  • Carrying out bespoke audits to assess compliance with data protection legislation; and
  • Provision of actionable steps to remedy issues of non-compliance.

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