DPO Mentoring

We offer DPO mentoring services for those who are new to the role of the DPO, wish to advance in their career or need some additional help, support and guidance from expert DPOs.

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With the role the DPO expanding as organisations use personal data in innovative ways, we use our years of data protection experience to offer bespoke DPO coaching and mentoring to help you perform your role as a DPO. The coaching and mentoring is tailored to your needs, based on your role and experience and personal development needs.

The DPO coaching and mentoring services we offer are also available for those who are acting as data protection managers and those responsible for data protection compliance.


  • Bespoke coaching and mentoring based on the statutory requirements of a DPO; and
  • Facilitating your growth and development to help you perform your role as a DPO effectively.

Support we offer

  • We work with you to determine how much support you need as part of the DPO mentoring services, what areas you wish to cover in the mentoring sessions based on the processing objectives of the organisation and your role and your key required outcomes;
  • You work with a dedicated point of contact as your DPO mentor and you will also have access to our wider team, so there is no gap in cover during periods of holiday or sickness.
  • We create a formal mentoring programme of activities to support building a robust privacy governance programme and to help you develop as a DPO.

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