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With technology growing faster than organisations can keep up with and innovative ways to use personal data emerging daily, it is no wonder that organisations have lost their way when pinpointing where their personal data is located. For privacy teams, helping their organisation collate where their personal data travels to and from can be daunting.

Your ROPA (record of processing activities), otherwise known as an ‘Article 30 Record’ or ‘Data Inventory’, is pivotal in helping your organisation set up and implement your privacy management programme and framework. All privacy documents originate from and lead back to your ROPA, from your privacy notices and data protection impact assessments to the technical and organisational measures you have in place. Without a ROPA, how will you know how to safeguard the personal data your organisation has collected?

Data mapping

We have extensive experience in undertaking data mapping exercises and creating and reviewing records of processing activities for organisations. Whether or not we perform this alongside a data protection audit or our professional outsourced privacy team functions, we are experts in discussing and explaining the importance of documenting your processing activities and guiding your business through the process.

ROPA preparation

Preparing your ROPA can seem like a daunting task. Not sure where to start or how to approach this? Our team has a wealth of experience working with organisations of all sizes using everything from various sophisticated online tools to simple spreadsheets.

The first part of the ROPA preparation will be to review and assess how your organisation uses and shares personal data. We will sit down with you and plan a strategy to approach the ROPA review or creation. We’ll advise which works best for you in terms of the technology you use and the data sharing arrangements you have in place. Using the latest technology or a simple set of questionnaires, we will help you locate and itemise the personal data you are processing.

Once we have prepared your ROPA, we will set up processes within the organisation to keep this up to date. These processes will ensure that any changes to how your organisation uses personal data are documented on your ROPA and fed into other vital documents, such as your privacy notice and special policy documents. Remember, a ROPA is for life, not just a Friday afternoon!

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Do you know how personal data moves around your organisation? Is your ROPA comprehensive correct and auditable?