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Personal data is one of the most significant assets that an organisation holds. With the data protection landscape hotting up and new legislation being introduced almost every week, it is no wonder those responsible for managing data protection compliance are seeking experts to help them undertake their role.

Our friendly data protection professionals are experienced collaborators working alongside in-house teams in organisations of all sizes across a broad spectrum of sectors. Whatever your direction of travel, we can cover the ground with you.

Outsourced DPOs

With the cost of data protection support at a premium and a shortage of expert DPOs in the market, we can help with your resourcing needs. Whether you need a DPO on an interim basis or something more permanent, we have a team of expert data protection specialists here to help.

Performing the statutory role of the DPO, we will help with the following:

  • Raising awareness of data protection within your organisation
  • Training all individuals on their obligations under data protection laws
  • Setting up your privacy management programme and framework
  • Monitoring your organisation’s compliance with data protection through monitoring and auditing for compliance
  • Contributing and writing data protection board reports
  • Reviewing data protection impact assessments
  • Liaising with supervisory authorities and individuals regarding data protection queries and complaints
  • Assisting with data breach management and resolution.


As a HelloDPO client, you have access to our eLearning modules, a team of expert data protection professionals and a suite of data protection precedents. You will also receive regular updates to ensure you have your finger on the pulse and can scan and navigate the regulatory horizon with ease.

Stepping into the role as your DPO is more than just a job for us. It involves becoming part of your team, embracing your culture and providing pragmatic advice to help your organisation navigate the challenges posed by data protection legislation.

If you don’t need a statutory DPO but are looking for some extra data protection support, the outsourced privacy team services provided by our sister company, HelloDPO Law, may be of interest to you.

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Does your company need a statutory DPO to cover a short absence or on a more permanent basis?