Welcome to HelloDPO.

We are an innovative data protection law firm offering a range of advisory data protection services for Data Protection Officers and those responsible for data protection compliance. We understand how hard it is for our clients to find the right balance between complying with laws and regulations whilst continuing to run their business.

We provide innovative and commercially focused data privacy advice so you can identify and assess your privacy risks and enhance the potential of your organisation’s personal data. Nothing is without risk, especially when processing personal data, however, we thrive on helping our clients to understand and manage that risk.

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About us

We love what we do. Our team has over 20 years data protection and privacy experience working with our clients and colleagues inspiring them to enjoy all things data protection related.

Alison Deighton has over 15 years’ experience helping clients navigate their way through data protection requirements, including heading the Data Protection & Privacy team at a leading law firm. Alison is a published author and data protection trainer. In her spare time, Alison has fun with her family, going for walks and runs on the South Downs and spends time in the garden (sometimes with a glass of wine rather than a trowel….)!

E: alisondeighton@hellodpo.com
M: 07535 785 766

Jenai Nissim was previously a Legal Director for Data Protection and Privacy at a leading law firm and has over 12 years’ data protection experience working in-house and in private practice. Jenai is a member of the IAPP and holds the CIPP/E and CIPM certification and the PDP Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection. Jenai is a published author and data protection trainer. In her spare time, Jenai is a yoga teacher and is often off travelling or in the gym!

E: jenainissim@hellodpo.com
M: 07535 785 767

Charlotte Reddish has extensive regulatory experience, working in-house designing and delivering compliance work programmes and risk management frameworks. Specialising in data protection, conduct risk and operational risk management, Charlotte holds the PDP Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection and the IRM International Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management. In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys running and spending time with her two children.

E: charlottereddish@hellodpo.com
M: 07908 768 680

HelloDPO has an additional team member, Darcy Deighton who comes into the office occasionally to see clients. She is an avid supporter of all things data protection related and loves protecting personal data. She’s one of the most innovative “technical and organisational measures” we have found so far.

Data Protection Services

DPO Services

We offer a range of DPO services, either acting as your external data protection officer or providing support and additional resource for internal DPOs and those responsible for data protection compliance, helping them balance the tasks they are required to perform under the GDPR.

GDPR Audit Services

It is important to ensure that your organisation is always able to demonstrate compliance with data protection legislation. We offer tailored GDPR compliance audit packages to suit your organisation’s needs.

Data Breach Management

When a personal data breach occurs, we understand that it can have a potentially devastating effect on your organisation. We can help you investigate the breach, assess and work towards better data breach management, liaising with individuals and regulators so you can avoid and mitigate any potential GDPR fines or compensation claims.

GDPR Compliance Consultancy

Monitoring your processing activities is key to complying with data protection legislation and “accountability” requirements. We offer GDPR compliance services and bespoke programmes to help manage data protection compliance within your organisation.

GDPR Online Training

To ensure individuals who access and use access personal data are working in accordance with data protection laws, we offer data protection online training programmes that are created based on your training needs and for individuals of all levels.

Data Protection Advice

All organisations who use or access personal data must comply with strict data protection laws and regulations. We provide advice on numerous data protection matters for controllers and processors from dealing with data subject requests, drafting policies and procedures to binding corporate rules.

Our community

We do more than just provide advice on data protection and privacy. We value the importance of giving something back. We care about the community around us and the people we work with.

At HelloDPO all the team dedicate time to help our chosen charity, YoungMinds www.youngminds.org.uk whether that is via taking part in fund raising events or providing advice on a pro-bono basis. YoungMinds is the leading UK charity fighting for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges. For more details on how you can get involved with YoungMinds please visit www.youngminds.org.uk/get-involved.

We also provide a network for DPOs, data protection managers and compliance managers that we work with to enable a free exchange of ideas, offer support (and on occasions unofficial counselling) and lots of data protection fun! To find out more please contact us at hello@hellodpo.com.

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