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We're on a mission to demystify data protection

HelloDPO was founded in 2018 by two highly experienced data protection lawyers, Alison Deighton and Jenai Nissim, borne out of the desire to demystify data protection.

Having created and meticulously developed one of the largest GDPR specialist teams in the world, we provide a comprehensive range of legal data protection services through HelloDPO Law and advisory data protection services through HelloDPO Solutions that will enable you, your DPO, and those responsible for ensuring compliance with privacy laws and regulations, to navigate this dynamic terrain confidently and efficiently.

Wherever you are in the world, our team is on hand to steer you through the EU and UK GDPR compliance landscape.

From high-growth start-ups to SMEs and large organisations, our expert team of lawyers and privacy specialists have decades of knowledge across multiple sectors to robustly support businesses on their data protection journey, and being a specialist practice ensures our pricing remains excellent value for businesses of all sizes.

Get in touch to see how we can create a bespoke package for your needs.

Why Choose HelloDPO?

We're a specialist data protection legal and advisory business.

As a specialist business, our pricing remains excellent value for organisations of all sizes.

All of our services at HelloDPO are overseen by two highly experienced data protection lawyers.

The core services we advertise are a snapshot of the support we can provide to you and your team. With our vast experience and fresh and straight forward approach to data protection we can tailor our services to meet any of your data protection needs.

All your data protection needs under one roof, provided by one collaborative team. At HelloDPO you can pick and mix the services you need and adapt them as your team grows or evolves. 

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Our specialist data protection firm

Our people are experts in all manner of data protection and privacy law queries, including:

• Dealing with data subject access and individuals’ rights requests
• Completing data protection impact assessments and transfer risk assessments
• Advising on data sharing and overseas transfers
• Handling data breaches and regulatory complaints
• Undertaking compliance audits and remediation projects
• Carrying out investor due diligence
• Advising on customer acquisition and marketing
• Providing training and mentoring

All with the benefit of legal advice privilege.
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Our full-service data protection compliance business

Our experienced and pragmatic team provide a range of data protection services to organisations of all sizes, including:

Outsourced DPO services
• Reviewing, setting up and implementing privacy management programmes and frameworks
Auditing and testing the efficiency of your privacy documents
• Undertaking data mapping exercises and providing ROPA support
• Offering eLearning

Delivering excellent value non-legal advice and expert resource.

Our Experience

Our experience speaks for itself, with global powerhouse brands, tech giants at the forefront of the data processing industry, rapid growth health tech start-ups, forward-thinking financial institutions, a challenger dating app, fashion giants, one of the largest entertainment and record label conglomerates in the world, shopping meccas, national broadcasters, the UK’s biggest free streaming service, and numerous Legal 500 firms all choosing HelloDPO as their trusted Data Protection Advisory Partner.

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