Why is data protection training so important?

It is essential for organisations to have a training programme in place which provides staff with sufficient knowledge and understanding of its approach to data protection and how to process personal data securely and compliantly.

All staff should receive at least annual training on the basics of GDPR compliance. Training should be given on induction (before access to personal data is granted) and on a regular basis thereafter.

Any staff who have roles which necessitate a deeper understanding of some rules, such as those in Human Resources (who will deal with sensitive personal data) or individuals who handle data subject rights requests, should be given additional training which is specific to their role. This will ensure that staff are able to confidently carry out their roles and help to fulfil the organisation’s legal and regulatory obligations.

A comprehensive and effective training programme can:

  • increase staff confidence in handling data
  • reduce the likelihood of data breaches and mitigate their impact by making staff aware of how these can occur, the actions they can take to ensure the security of data and what to do if they discover a breach
  • reduce the risk of regulatory action for compliance failures
  • improve the handling of data subject requests
  • build customer/client trust in your business
  • ensure you develop a culture which puts emphasis on data protection

We provide a wide range of training courses which we can tailor to your organisation’s specific needs. If you would like to discuss your training needs, please get in touch here.


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