EDBP report on strengthening the role of the DPO

The EDPB has published a report on strengthening the role of the DPO, which is based on a coordinated investigation by 26 Data Protection Authorities in Europe. The report identifies the challenges and obstacles faced by DPOs, such as lack of resources, independence, or recognition and provides recommendations to improve the situation and ensure that DPOs can fulfil their tasks as required by the GDPR.

The EDPB has advised that the results are encouraging. “The majority of the DPOs interrogated declare that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to do their work and receive regular trainings (sic); they have clearly defined tasks in line with the GDPR and do not receive instructions on how to exercise their duties.”

The EDPB does, however, recognise that there is need for improvement. The report “encourages Data Protection Authorities to carry out more awareness-raising activities, information and enforcement actions. It also encourages organisations to ensure that DPOs have sufficient opportunities, time and resources to refresh their knowledge and learn about the latest developments.”

The full report can be found here.



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