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HelloDPO Law is our specialist data protection law firm advising on all aspects of privacy laws as well as acting as extra resource for your in-house or outsourced privacy team.

Our people are experts in advising on all manner of data protection queries, including dealing with data subject access and individuals rights requests, completing data protection impact assessments and transfer risk assessments, advising on data sharing and overseas transfers, handling data breaches and regulatory complaints, undertaking compliance audits and remediation projects, carrying out investor due diligence, advising on customer acquisition and marketing, adapting to legislative developments, such as the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill and providing training and mentoring.

All of our advice comes with the benefit of legal client privilege.

We also offer data protection compliance services through our sister company, HelloDPO Solutions.

Our teams work collaboratively together to offer you a bespoke package to include both legal and DPO services. All services are overseen by two highly experienced data protection lawyers.

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Why Choose HelloDPO Law?

We’re a specialist data protection law firm who are part of a wider group that also offers data protection consultancy services. Both businesses are overseen by two highly experienced data protection lawyers.
With access to a large team of specialists, our pricing remains excellent value for organisations of all sizes.
At HelloDPO we partner with clients in a collaborative manner, seamlessly becoming an extension of your team.

Our Services

The core services we advertise are a snapshot of the support we can provide to you and your team. With our vast experience and fresh and simplistic approach to data protection we can tailor our services to meet any of your data protection needs.

We have extensive experience in providing data protection legal advice and services, all of which are covered by legal privilege when working with HelloDPO Law. Our core services include:

As part of our compliance audit and remediation process we complete a comprehensive organisation compliance assessment for personal data and risks associated with how it is being used, this is benchmarked against current data protection laws and regulations, and we then lead your team in carrying out the recommended remediation work to ensure that your organisation is compliant.

As technology continues to evolve, privacy laws and digital regulations are struggling to keep up. We support clients through the constantly evolving regulatory landscape while you are developing, implementing and using new technology, helping you find a practical path to compliance. We are on hand to help, whether that be, creating a new app, implementing a new AI project or devising your own proprietary technology.

We understand that organisations have an extensive selection of online channels to engage with their audiences, and with choice comes regulation. We can supporting your organisation’s marketing team to achieve commercial goals while staying within the robust privacy requirements mandated by data protection legislation. We do this by helping your marketing and legal teams navigate the compliance minefield of purchasing “GDPR-Compliant” data marketing lists from third parties and data brokers to advising on marketing analytics systems like Google Analytics, Sprinklr or Semrush to ensure cookie notices are consistent with the data processing and collection of such tools and robust supplier contracts, or to assess the risk/ensure compliance with sales tools that can appear to “data scrape” from platforms such as LinkedIn.

Whether you are experiencing your first data breach or have received a complaint from individuals or regulators regarding your use of personal data, with our vast experience in handling data breaches, we help identify, assess and manage the risks stemming from breach incidents and mitigate the effects on your organisation and those whose personal data has been compromised.

A complex matrix of legal requirements apply when sharing personal data and transferring it outside the EU and UK. We can help you:
• Define your data sharing strategy
• Navigate the various data protection regulatory requirements avoiding the threat of fines, reputational damage and risk of non-compliance
• Draft standard contractual clauses and data sharing agreements
• Carry out transfer impact assessments
Train your contract and procurement teams on the steps they need to take when carrying out due diligence before enabling data sharing

We also have experience drafting and obtaining regulatory authorisation for binding corporate rules at a UK and EU level.

Failure to adequately assess an organisation’s data protection compliance before an acquisition or investment can cost you time and money down the line. We support growing businesses, institutional investors, venture capital companies and private equity firms through the acquisition process by helping to investigate the source of personal data to ensure compliance with current data protection legislation, legitimate usage of that data and highlighting any privacy risks which need to be remediated prior to or after acquisition or investment.

Qualified legal professionals undertake our investor due diligence audits and reports, allowing you to attach legal privilege to
these documents.

If your organisation’s data protection team is overstretched, under-resourced, or one doesn’t yet exist, we can step in to become a seamless extension of your privacy team. Whether it be working in collaboration with your data protection manager, head of legal or DPO, we bring our fresh, simplistic, commercially focused and agile approach to the table to tackle all things data protection.

We can provide interim staffing needs due to absence including bridging the gap for maternity or paternity cover, annual leave, unforeseen or long-term absence, and covering while recruiting the right permanent hire. We offer assistance with short term resourcing issues including project management support with managing deliverables, metrics reporting, ensuring compliance, auditable documentation to monitor project progress or longer term succession planning, and if you have identified a skillset gap within the team, we also offer robust training, shadowing and mentoring programmes to upskill your workforce to be able manage all data protection aspects moving forward.

We approach all of our training and mentoring services in a fresh, simplistic, agile way and prioritise making the experience engaging, enjoyable and memorable. We offer 3 types of training:

For Groups

Data protection training courses

1 – GDPR Fundamentals

2 – How to Become an Effective DPO

In person or virtual options available

One to One

Bespoke DPO mentoring

1 – Mentoring and coaching provided by privacy specialists to help you upskill as a DPO

2 – Dedicated one to one sessions with follow-up check-in calls

In person or virtual options available


GDPR eLearning

1 – Completed at your own pace

2 – Annual renewable licence

If you need support with data protection compliance matters, such as data mapping, preparing policies and procedures, appointment of an outsourced DPO, or GDPR eLearning modules for staff, our sister company, HelloDPO Solutions can assist. You can pick and mix between our compliance services and our law firm services, meaning all your data protection needs can be supported under one roof, by one collaborative team, with or without legal privilege.

Our team can help you navigate the changing legislative landscape, reviewing your current data protection compliance systems and processes and considering where there could be advantages to be gained from complying with the UK regime instead of/alongside compliance with the EU regime. We can train your team on the new legislation and help you to adapt your processes and documentation to ensure you hit the ground running when the changes in the Bill become law.

Our Experience

Our experience speaks for itself, with global powerhouse brands, tech giants at the forefront of the data processing industry, rapid growth health tech start-ups, forward-thinking financial institutions, a challenger dating app, fashion giants, one of the largest entertainment and record label conglomerates in the world, shopping meccas, national broadcasters, the UK’s biggest free streaming service, and numerous Legal 500 firms all choosing HelloDPO as their trusted Data Protection Advisory Partner.

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