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The expert team of experienced data protection lawyers at HelloDPO have developed a proprietary eLearning programme that offers essential data protection training alongside additional modules covering privacy-related issues specific to HR and marketing, as well as subjects such as accountability, data breach management and data sharing.

Our e-learning enables you to meet regulatory data protection training requirements to ensure that all staff receive appropriate data protection training. We have prepared our courses with feedback from clients to create bite-sized modules that are easy to understand and quick to complete. Our e-learning platform also allows you to track completion and assess understanding.

Our platform allows you to allocate training to specific users and provides an easy-to-use dashboard to help track participation and completion rates. Each module is split into multiple short segments, and participants can work through the courses at their own pace. There is also functionality that enables reminders to be sent out to ensure everyone is undertaking their necessary training.

Duration: each module takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

Who should do this course: all individuals who need to have a basic understanding of data protection compliance.

Access via: Our own LMS system or integrated into your existing LMS.

Pricing: Starting from £11.00 plus VAT depending on the number of user licences required.

Certification: You must complete a test to pass all of the eLearning modules.

Training team: A bespoke offering, designed by a team of the most experienced data protection lawyers in the world.

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The HelloDPO eLearning modules cover the following areas:

This eLearning course is designed to provide individuals with an overview of data protection and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The course covers:

  • An overview of the GDPR;
  • The key data protection principles;
  • Individuals’ rights and what they mean in practice; and
  • Accountability under the GDPR and data protection by design and default requirements.

This eLearning covers the following:

  • How to identify what a personal data breach is;
  • Understand the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements in relation to personal data breaches and the consequences of not complying
    with them; and
  • What this means for your organisation and the processes you must follow to ensure personal data breaches are managed in a compliant way.

This eLearning covers the following:

  • Understanding the accountability requirement under the GDPR;
  • Understanding what you must do to comply with the accountability requirement; and
  • Understanding what documents and processes should be implemented in order to demonstrate compliance.

This eLearning course covers the following:

  • Identifying different types of data sharing;
  • Understanding what you must consider before sharing personal data;
  • Understanding what should be included in data sharing contracts; and
  • Knowing how to demonstrate you comply with the accountability principle when sharing personal data.

This eLearning course covers the following:

  • Data protection issues to consider during the recruitment process;
  • Use of special category data relating to employees;
  • Key data protection issues when carrying out monitoring of employees;
  • How to handle GDPR requests from employees;
  • Sharing employee data; and
  • Issues to consider in relation to leavers.

This eLearning course covers the following:

  • Understanding the GDPR obligations that apply to direct marketing activities;
  • Understanding when and how to obtain valid consent for direct marketing; and
  • Understanding cookie consent requirements and the rules that apply to targeted advertising.

This eLearning course covers the following:

  • How to identify GDPR requests;
  • The scope of GDPR requests;
  • Practical steps to manage GDPR requests;
  • Legal obligations that apply when responding to GDPR requests; and
  • Exemptions that you can rely upon when handling GDPR requests.

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