New ICO direct marketing guidance

The ICO has created a new hub for direct marketing which has several pieces of guidance as well as FAQs and checklists to assist organisations with direct marketing.  In its preamble to the guidance and resources the ICO acknowledges that direct marketing can be of value to the customer, making them aware of new products and services and when it is done responsibly it can increase trust and confidence in the brand or organisation.   The ICO goes on to stress the importance of acting within the legislation and in accordance with the guidance as failure to do so has the potential to cause nuisance, harm and distress on a large scale.

The guidance is split up into the following sections:

1.           Getting started with direct marketing

This section contains the new direct marketing guidance from the ICO which has a step-by-step guide to undertaking direct marketing. There is also a direct marketing guide for small organisations.

2.           Detailed guidance from direct marketing

This section contains the existing guide to PECR which you should be familiar with.  It also contains guidance on business-to-business marketing.

3.           Sector specific guidance

This section covers direct marketing in the public sector, guidance for the use of personal data and political campaigning and information for organisations which wish to use the services of data brokers.

4.           Practical direct marketing resources

This section has several resources.  There is a direct marketing checklist, some FAQs, an at a glance guide to sending marketing messages, a tool to help you choose the lawful basis for your direct marketing, a self-assessment for direct marketing and training resources which can be used to assist organisations in training their employees.

5.           Find the right direct marketing product for you

This section contains a number of questions and commonly searched issues and by clicking on the links you will be directed to the guidance which is relevant to those issues.

If you are planning to embark on or update your approach to direct marketing, the team would be happy to assist. Feel free to get in touch with your usual contact, or email for more information.


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