EU Cyber Solidarity Act

The European Commission has proposed an EU Cyber Solidarity Act aimed at improving “preparedness, detection and response to cybersecurity incidents across the EU.”

The act will include the following mechanisms:

European Cybersecurity Shield – this will consist of “Security Operations Centres (SOCs)” across Europe (brought together in multi country platforms) to improve the “detection, analysis and response to cyber threats.” The SOCs will employ Artificial Intelligence and data analytics to assist in their mission. Steps have already been taken to launch this initiative under the Digital Europe Programme.

Cyber Emergency Mechanism – this will involve testing organisations in “crucial sectors” (e.g., finance, healthcare, energy) to look for potential weaknesses which would make them vulnerable to cyber threats; creating an EU Cybersecurity Reserve, a network of trusted providers from the private sector who can assist in responding to a significant incident and creating a mechanism for mutual assistance to be provided by Member States.

Cybersecurity Incident Review Mechanism – this will review specific cybersecurity incidents to develop lessons learned and recommendations where appropriate.


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