ICO concludes public consultation on data subject rights in relation to AI and UK government launches public consultation on AI cyber security

The ICO has concluded the fourth call for evidence in relation to AI and individuals’ rights.

The ICO has set out its proposed approach, concluding that organisations developing or using generative AI models need to be able to:

  • demonstrate they have a clear and effective process for enabling people to exercise their rights over personal data contained in the training, fine-tuning, and output data, but also the model itself.
  • evidence how they are making sure data subjects have meaningful, concise, and easily accessible information about their use of personal data; and
  • clearly justify the use of any exemptions and demonstrate the measures taken to safeguard people’s interests, rights, and freedoms.

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology has issued a call for evidence on the cyber security of AI. The Government is proposing a voluntary code of practice setting baseline security requirements for all AI technologies, which it hopes will help those involved to distinguish themselves from their competitors as being committed to cyber security.

The ICO public consultation information can be found here.

The Government call for evidence can be found here.


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